Collaborative Projects are stories (or sometimes poems) written by more than one author.  They may take the form of a Round Robin, where multiple authors take turns writing a chapter, a partnership between two or more authors, where those authors work together to produce a novel, or a collective, where multiple authors write individual standalone stories all set within the same story Universe.

Whatever form a Collaborative Project takes, if such a project has taken place at The Authors Haunt you can find it listed here.  Some projects may be published in The Vault or on a Resident Author's site, but all are listed below so if you are interested in seeing the collaborative efforts of our authors, this is the page for you.  Forthcoming collaborations seeking participating authors are announced in the "Multi-Author Projects" forum on the Community.  You do not have to be a Resident Author in order to participate in a collaborative project here at The Authors Haunt.


A vicious murder in the small town of Midnight leaves residents wondering who could have committed such a heinous crime, but as the police investigate and dark secrets are uncovered, it begins to look to the people of Midnight as though the killer may be among them...


Word Count: 17,692

Published: 15 Jun 2010